Today we interviewed the managing owner of Granville St. cafe, an artisanal food studio that makes local food creations, Sarah S. Khodeir about her experience with Glow’s Detox. She’s here to tell you what really happened while she was detoxing with Glow for 6 weeks straight.


1. Tell us a Bit About Yourself and Your General Lifestyle

I lead a very chaotic life. I’ve been on the entrepreneur hamster-wheel for the last 5 years launching my food company. I consult in the food and beverage industry, develop and produce marketing content, and I offer business mentorship mainly in the F and B world, so my world is more often than not food on food on food. I have to admit I’ve been neglectful of myself and self-care for a good while. My diet had taken a back seat before I resorted to GLOW.


2. What First Made You Realize That You Need to Detox Your Body?

I started to see my stress materialize and take a very visible, very obvious physical form. Things like eczema on the palm of my hands, hair loss, weight gain, horrible mood swings, mind fog; inability to focus, and most devastating perhaps of all was that things that use to excite me didn’t anymore. I felt like I was in a rut and it felt like a mountain to steep to climb.


3. Why Did You Choose Glow’s Detox Program?

I chose glow for two reasons; I know Amina Rashad personally, so there existed great confidence and trust in the company. I also owned up to the fact that I needed help, I needed something ‘convenient’ – I wanted someone to do some of the work for me. A service to deliver what I’ll be consuming on any given day so I don’t have to THINK. This was very hard for someone like me to accept. I am a problem solver by nature and this was something I couldn’t solve myself. I had to drop that mindset and jump right into it.


4. What Were Your Expectations?

A service the was on time, reliable, dependable, and of course, that offered a good variety so I didn’t get bored.


5. How Did You Feel on Your First Day?

It was a breeze.


6. How Was Your First Week?

Honestly, I have no clue why, but I didn’t go through any of those uncomfortable classic detox symptoms you hear about. I was able to go about my day to day with no issues. I started to feel amazing as in wow there’s really a change here about 4 weeks in. My skin cleared out in the first 5 days. I saw weight loss in the first week and an improvement in focus and mood after about 2 weeks.


7. How Did You Feel After You Finished the Program?

I am still on it! I’ve done 6 weeks, gone off of it and now back on it. What’s great about working with Glow and especially Amina being an IIN coach is that she helps you modify the program to your specific needs – so you can stay on it for as long as you wish without any worries.


8. Would You Do It Again? Why or Why Not?

I would, for the obvious reason that it’s convenient and my life needs that right now but also because I know they care about the quality they put out there and how they source ingredients. Many people might not know this but Glow does not pasteurize any of their juices or smoothies, because they want to deliver a product that delivers the maximum value for your body. You are consuming food that’s alive and not messed with. Not many companies care about this.

Most companies care about ranking up profit and hence resort to production methods that compromise nutritional value in exchange for monetary value. Glow sources mostly local from small businesses. Small business means better quality hands down.


9. What Advice Would You Give Someone Who Wants to Try Glow Detox Programs?

Dive right into the detox! I created the hashtag #divingintodetox because you literally have to dive right into it to reap the benefits. Don’t over think it. If you’ve never detoxed before, this is a very mild and easy detox to start with. You can watch the journey in highlights on Granville St. Egypt under hashtag #divingintodetox


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