I chose you between millions of stars, your love possessed me before the creation of time, long before I was born, because your heart was forever meant to be mine …

Falling in love is a subtle feeling that overwhelms two hearts and engages them in the most sacred bond existing in this world, the bond of love.

But for love to endure, it requires a high level of common understanding towards the points of strength and weakness of the other party. The way to do that is by careful observation and experience, over a long period of time, or to cut the story short by simply using Astrology.

Astrology is one of the most efficient tools existing on this earth to give quick glimpses and clues of the exact nature of your partner and the relationship itself. By using astrology, you can discover significant hidden facts through the art of Synastry ( the art of relationships).

Synastry provides precious knowledge of how individuals interact with one another by combining their birth charts. This efficient tool gives deep insight into the true nature of the partner and the pattern of any relationship whether it is the love of life, passionate romance, passing fantasy, physical attraction, life companion, an abusive partner along with a compatibility rating.

Sun signs provide us with an insightful general advice about how each sign functions and behaves in a relationship.

The art of Synastry will show specific basic facts about the true nature of the relationship and how each party will interact based on the geometric relationships between the two partners’ combined natal charts, and by detecting the placement of Venus; the planet of romantic love in the charts …

Turning to Astrology can help you figure out if the relationships make sense or are entirely irrational.

There is no such thing as ‘perfect compatibility’ as we all have different natures and desires, aspirations and personal traits. Relationships work when we understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, appreciate each other and feel gratitude instead of collapsing under the threat of false expectations, jealousy, and boredom.

A real relationship can endure through tough times by mutual understanding and effort to compromise the differences.
One of the most effective tools in giving glimpses and clues of the exact nature of the partner and what might irritate you from one another is Astrology.