Being in the wellness business, there is one sentence we hear from clients almost every day; “I´m stressed and drained, what can I do”.

This usually puts a big smile on our faces, because we know that, with regular visits to our yoga mats, those people´s lives radically change! And since the major percentage of our clients are moms, with Mother’s Day is around the corner, I´d love to dedicate this short article to them.

I think, without underestimating other difficult journeys others may face, being a mom can be the most challenging job on earth. Working Moms, stay at home moms, moms of young ones or grownups, there´s always a lot on their plates. Motherhood is such an exhausting, stressful, crazy, yet rewarding and magical journey, where moms give so much to others and don’t take enough time for themselves. That’s why I believe what Moms really need is: a Yoga Mat.

You Have the Right to Breathe

It’s very normal for a mom to forget to do things. However by time by time, she tends to consider normal everyday to-dos a luxury. Things like answering her phone, checking her mail, eating, showering, etc. Things, however, get really out of hand when she forgets to breathe and I don’t mean the basic in and out respiration process that keeps us alive. I mean stop whatever she is doing and breathe in deep.

This is one of the countless benefits of Yoga for moms. The perfect combination of breathing and movement practiced in yoga, allows our energy channels and centers to open and get balanced, which provides our physical and emotional bodies with more energy and more life force.

So, moms, what would you benefit of that you ask? A lot.. let´s mention some here:


By dedicating a weekly time for yourself, your rooting in your subconscious the fact that “You Matter”, and that your needs too need to be met. You will also learn how to love your body just the way it is. Yes, of course, some moms manage to gain their pre-children figure, but many others find it difficult.

Yoga will help your arms and legs get stronger and will add flexibility to your joints and muscles. The more you practice, the prouder you will be of your body´s performance, regardless it´s shape or size. You simply fall in love with your image just the way it is. And yes, you are beautiful.



How long is your to-do list? Pretty long I bet, and you probably can never finish your daily target, so you go to bed worrying about the even longer list waiting for you the following day. Yes, I know, I’m a mom.

Surprisingly, and despite how Yoga may be considered a slow workout, it can significantly raise your energy level, allowing you to be more productive and to accomplish more. Besides, never underestimate the power of being in a good mood, it brings out your super powers!



When moms get tired, they get less patient, less tolerant of their children’s non-stop demands. Whether they are trying to test their boundaries or simply how they often get cranky before bed time. So naturally, they start yelling, and the more they yell, the guiltier they feel and wish they never yelled. But before they know it, they feel even worst, so they yell some more! Can you relate?

Children are gifted in sensing your stress level, and they enjoy pushing all possible buttons to test how far they can get. Yoga can help you fight back. Breathing makes you calmer, and the poses practiced in yoga help release endorphins (one of the happiness hormones) in your body. A happier mom means a happier child, which equals to a happier family



Yes.. fun is mentioned in the motherhood catalog, it’s not to be earned, it’s as important as food and water for your health, and your sanity. It’s what will help you keep going both physically and emotionally. So grab that mat and start stretching now!


Well, Moms, I think by now I got your attention, and the idea of practicing Yoga started to sound nice I bet. Here come´s the big question

Where can you practice Yoga?

The good news is you can do Yoga anywhere. Although going out and attending classes adds to the benefit of the practice: you get to meet with likeminded people, benefit from their collective energy. Not to mention, practicing under the supervision of a certified teacher comes handy for beginners. Still, if you can’t find a center close to your house, you can start practicing at home or at your office.

Here are 3 simple easy to do yoga poses that will relax you and boost your energy for the whole day:

1- Mountain Pose: Stand with your feet no more than shoulder width apart, hands loose by your side. Relax your shoulders and neck. Your knees should be slightly bent, not locked. Close your eyes, and focus on the feeling of the floor under your feet. As with all yoga poses, inhale fully and slowly, and exhale completely.

2- Tree Pose: Start in mountain pose. Slowly let your right foot travel up the inside of your left leg either under or above your knee joint, never rest it on your knee joint directly. You can bring your hands or palms together, to heart center, or raise them over your head. This is a balance pose. Slowly lower your leg, and switch to the other side. Keep your breathing steady.


3- Forward Fold: This basic pose loosens the tension in your back. Start in mountain pose, and slowly raise your arms over your head. Dive down, and let your whole body relax. Allow the arms to dangle loosely. Inhale deeply, and as you exhale let your body relax just a little more, head towards the floor.

All in all, just remember Yoga’s golden rule, always listen to your body, never push it, take it slowly, and breathe.


Moms, you rock!

Happy Mother’s Day…