If you ever thought of taking your swimming to the next level, the National level to be specific then you need to hear what this fireball of an athlete has to say. Shorouk El Shennawi is a professional athlete, a certified swimming coach, a Triathlete, and an Ex-synchronized swimmer, and she’s here to tell you everything you need to know about being a great swimming coach.

How Did You Get into Coaching?

It’s funny because there were so many times when I’d be swimming in the pool and see someone swim next to me and notice something wrong with their technique or their form. I would never hesitate to stop them and tell them what I think they should be doing better. It didn’t matter if I knew them or not, I just wanted to help people swim better.
It was how people reacted to the small tips I gave them that really made me feel like I would want to do this for a living. I would feel so happy that I was able to help someone swim better, faster with no pain in their shoulders or their arms. It made them want to come to swim more often and I loved that I was part of that

What Steps Did You Take to Become a Coach?

I realised one day that I grew up knowing how to swim. I couldn’t remember a time where I didn’t know how to swim. I wanted to know the science behind teaching someone how to swim. Do you start with the breath work first or the arm strength or the legs, I wanted to know. So, I read books about coaching, teaching others how to swim properly. I took two courses, one to inform me and one to certify me as a coach.

What Makes Coaching a Fulfilling Profession?

When I decided to coach, my goal wasn’t to be the head coach of the number national team. I just wanted to teach the ones who truly wanted to learn how to swim, not the ones whose parents are forcing them to go swimming practice to become a professional. I teach older people now, some are in their teens, their 20s, and even their 50s. They w
I can’t tell you the feeling I get when my trainees come to me and tell them that they were able to swim with their grandkids or that they surprised their loved ones that they finally know how to swim. Some of those I train didn’t even know how to swim and now they enter competitions. The fact that they win and their children witness that, the happiness in their eyes is contagious and that’s the most fulfilling feeling ever.