Medical reasons aside, many women nowadays will choose an elective C-section over natural childbirth. There are many reasons why – from being scared of the natural route’s pain and complications, to the convenience of having a set time. Each woman has the right to choose what she does to her own body, but are C-sections just trendy because they’re unnecessarily invasive?

First, lets talk about most moms’ main concern – the pain. It is much more reassuring to know that you will be getting anesthesia with a C-section instead of the uncertainty that the epidural won’t work well or you won’t get the chance to get one at all, right? Here’s the reality: There are many different pain management options with natural childbirth other than the epidural route – you can choose to take gas and air, a spinal block injection, or even go the extra natural route with hypnobirthing. Each of these options has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and relieves pain in varying degrees. Remember to do your research and talk to your health professional before making a blind choice and following the common route.

Going through labor is no walk in the park, regardless of which pain management intervention you choose. It’s a lengthy process but some will argue that this is all a part of what makes the delivery of your baby extra special and increases the bonding between you two even before they reach the world. The sweet pain is what they call it. But sweet or not, pain is pain. And while a pregnancy can go smoothly, the day of birth can be a excruciating for every mom no matter what the method of birth maybe.

Although C-sections are generally considered safe and in some cases they are lifesaving, they are actually a major surgery with increased complication risks. There is one clear thing studies show that people often choose to overlook or don’t know about – each C-section delivery increases your risk for complications in future pregnancies. Unfortunately, as some doctors continue to encourage C-sections as a money making means, many fail to communicate this risk to their patients. This is something you definitely want to take into account if you plan to have several childbirths.

Ultimately, it is completely your choice which route you choose to take, but being fully informed about all the options available to you is your right and responsibility. There is no specific right or wrong option for when it comes time for you to push.