So, if you’re here because you probably are thinking of becoming a child psychologist, you’re in the right place. We have Amina Diab, Child Psychologist, and Positive Discipline Trainer here answering some of the most common questions asked before one becomes a child psychologist.

What Do You Need to Study to Become a Child Psychologist?

Well, this is what I recommend to anyone who wants to start doing something they love as a job to start with a book on the subject. Don’t go reading just an article or two, I mean a full on book. If you find yourself still loving the topic after the book, then enroll in a short course. If you feel like the course further revved up your passion, you should go on and enroll in a course that will get your certified. The step after that is to take a diploma which will take longer of course. The thing you need to understand is that you’ll probably be studied your entire life. Learning never stops, especially when you want to be a child psychologist, I’ve been studying since graduation for my master’s degree and after I took it, I’m studying now for my Ph.D.

How Did You Gain Clients Post-Graduation?

I remember right after graduation I gathered all my friend’s children and started practicing on them non stop. I guess word of mouth is the answer to your question because I just started getting clients from there.

What Are the Challenges You Face in Your Profession?

I think the biggest challenge I face as a child psychologist is when I talk to the parents of the children I treat about them. Most of the time the parent is quite resistant to accept what I’m saying. It’s hard for them to hear that their child could have dyslexia or autism or speech delay. Honestly, it isn’t as bad as before now, a lot of parents are more aware and some have even started to work with me on helping their child at home.

What is the market range for consultations?

The market range here in Egypt is pretty broad, it starts from 350 up to 2000 per session. Of course, if you are practicing in a clinic, a percentage of that will go to the clinic. Sometimes a clinic will tell you how much you can charge for your sessions and how much they will take, but that depends on each clinic.