If you’ve always dreamt of making movies, films that people talk about, that touched them in their hearts and stayed with them way after they got home from the theatre then this is for you. Here we have Chérine Shiha the great cinema and fashion photographer answering some of your questions about being a successful cinematographer.

What Do You Want to Tell Any Woman Hoping to Become a Cinematographer?

You can do it, you can become any human you want to be. We can’t keep saying tell a “woman” or tell a “man,” let’s move on please from such a stigma. Any woman/man can be who they are destined to be if they put the efforts in the right place and to never forget the passion behind it all. So yeah, I tell them both man and woman go and be the person you want to be with the profession that suits you well.
You got it all. And even if you didn’t, go and get it.


What Is One Trait That You Have That Has Kept You Going in This Profession?



What Steps Did You Take to Actually Getting Monetary Gain Rather Than “Exposure” from Your Art?

I was hired by production powerhouses to work on Ramadan TV Series back in 2017 and from there on it became a monetary profession and not just a hobby or a learning function at the university.


What Do You Recommend to Someone Finding Their Niche, Should They Stick to One Thing or Explore Many Influences?

Always explore, then find a niche to master, but keep doing other things on the side, just to keep your mind fresh to keep up creating that niche you mastered already