Everyone dreams of becoming a CEO one day, but so little actually know what that title entails. There is so much to learn about being a great CEO, and who better to tell you the ins and outs of being great at leading your company that The Daily Crisps‘ very own CEO, Fayrouz Eid.


How do you manage and organize your time handling a startup?

As a CEO of a startup, you don’t really have one job or task. You wear so many hats throughout the day, sometimes even more than if you were an employee in the company. Prioritizing is essential, however, you always have to leave room for anything that comes your way that wasn’t planned for, because believe me there are a lot of those. You have to be flexible and know that your job is never really  9-5.

What are the skills needed to be a great CEO?

You have to be really good at communicating with everyone. It’s essential to know how to communicate your day to day thought as well as your vision to your team and to clients. Communication is basically key. Delegating and trusting your team with tasks you normally would want to do yourself (resist that urge) is a must. And most importantly, you to be able to easily adapt to all the changes that are inevitable when you’re building a company.

How do I know what to delegate and what I should deal with myself, so I’m using my time wisely?

As founder and CEO, we can get really caught up into wanting to get everything done ourselves. But you have to always remember that you hired your team for a reason, you have to trust them because that’s the only way your company can grow. You delegate, and you trust the inevitability of them making a mistake, because that’s how they learn, and most imporatantly grow. Because when your employees grow, your company grows and that’s your ultimate goal at the end of the day, growth, for all parties.

What is your advice when it comes to building a strong team of employees?

You have to keep your team always focused on the same goal. Your company will never succeed if your team doesn’t believe or trust in your vision. Trust them to do the job they were hired to do. Always remind them of why you are all doing what you do. Most importantly appreciate them and show them your appreciation. If they believe in your vision, they will start to have incredible ideas, so listening to them and their ideas is a must. Last but definitely not least, motivate. motivate. motivate.


What are some of the tools (books, podcasts) that helped you become the CEO you are today?

I am still learning so much, but there are three essential things that have truly helped me along the way.

  • Being mentored by an entrepreneur that you trust.
  • Reading as many books as you possibly can. Some of the books that have really helped me are:
    • “Start With Why”
    • “The Laws of Success”
  • Listening to podcasts. My all time favorite podcasts are:
    • The Top Entrepreneurs In…
    • How I Built This
    • Foundr Magazine