If you’ve always wanted to be on Television then you probably need to read this before you decide to become a T.V presenter, as it is not as “easy” as everyone might think. This is a serious job that truly needs to be taken seriously. That’s why we thought of no one better to give answer your most common T.V presenting questions than Nadine El Guiddawy  former T.V presenter and current PR and Communications Manager


Are there courses or classes I can take to become a tv presenter or do I have to learn everything in college?

People will tell you that you don’t really need a degree to become a T.V presenter or work in the media industry in general. But the truth is that it is a must. Media is an extremely powerful tool and it can transform entire nations. Therefore, in order to be qualified for such a position, you need to study the basics and ethics of journalism and broadcasting. You need to be aware of what’s happening around you and well educated about the dynamics of media and up to date with the surrounding events.

Having an audience that listens to you and follows what you say is no joke. We cannot deny that most people might perceive any celebrity or public figure as a role model, that’s why you need to be competent and fit to be regarded in this way. So, my advice to you is to major in media and journalism, and get your Master’s Degree and Ph.D. Your professional experience has to always be backed up with your academic knowledge. One last thing, if you missed the chance to major in media or journalism, you can always look for courses in broadcasting here in Cairo.


What are the skills I need to develop to be able to thrive in the T.V industry?

Mastering the art of presenting and interviewing is not easy, however, you can start with the basic skills to be able to thrive in the T.V industry and develop it later on. Therefore, a specific set of skills is required if you are considering working in the media industry. Those being:

  • communication skills
  • critical analysis
  • interest in reporting and investigating
  • presentation skills
  • eye for detail

What are the innate characteristics I need to have to be a good TV presenter?

Specific innate characteristics are required definitely to be a good TV presenter. Being charismatic and having confidence in front of the camera is essential, knowing how to tackle certain topics from unique angles is also quite crucial, having the skills to interview and get the answers you want is of great importance. The rest comes with your academic and professional experience.


What can I expect my salary to be like working in T.V? 

As a fresh graduate, you can expect that your starting salary would vary from 6,000 EGP/7,000EGP to 9,000EGP/10,000EGP. It also depends on the establishment you’re working in and can vary depending on your previous experiences and training.