If your passion is art, drawing, painting or anything like that but you’re afraid that it won’t help you build the life you want, have no fear. You can definitely make a living doing what you love and art is no exception to that. Here we have the talented Manar Al Sharkawi from Aiyanas Loft to make it easier for you to build a career with your talent and hard work.


How do I choose which field of art should I build my career on? (Should I consider money, my passion or what exactly?)

Passion, I never get bored of drawing because I love challenging myself. Art is an endless ocean and I’m keen to master it all. I started off with mandalas and here I am drawing office murals and abstract art.

How do I put a price on my art?

Usually, it depends on several factors amongst them;
• The duration spent on the mural
• The size of the mural
• If the mural is colored or not.

What are the ways I can make money from my art?

You can showcase your art in boutiques, pop up shops, bazaars and beach shops and of-course murals on walls, or at least that’s what I do.

You can also sell your art in different mediums. I sell on
-phone covers
-mugs or any flat surface


How do I know my artwork is ready for a gallery showing?

I believe the way the audience reacts to your painting will give you the feedback you need to know if you’re ready for a gallery showing or showing your art on a bigger scale in general. I started knowing I was ready for bigger things when the first painting I did (Aiyana) was so well loved on social media. People kept encouraging me to go on and that gave me the confidence I needed to shoot for the stars.