If singing has been your passion since before you could talk and you sing more than just the occasional shower song then this article was made for you. Here we have the insanely talented Nesma Herky, telling us what you need to know to start singing professionally.


What Should You Do If You Want to Get Started with My Singing Career?

The first thing you’ll need is training. You need to find the proper vocal training for you and you’ll do so after exploring every genre you possibly can. Sure you might like to sing only one or two genres of music but to be a great professional singer you need to explore all of them and sing in a lot of different ways.


What Kind of Training Should You Seek?

Let’s get one thing straight, to be a great singer you don’t have to have a great voice. You need a lot of many other factors to be successful as a singer. A great singer needs to have charisma, has to be able to perform their songs well. So if you’re focusing on training, you need to focus on how you perform, your stage presence, how you show your audience a piece of your soul while singing, all of that is necessary for your singing to be perfect. It’s a whole package.


How Often Do You Train and Rehearse?

All the time. You’ll find me personally singing all the time, in the car, with my kids, with friends and family, and basically any other time I can sing, I sing. You need to constantly keep your vocal cords trained by never letting them go rusty. So always make sure you attend jam sessions, gigs or even a rehearsal of any song you’re trying to nail recently. Also, try to train yourself to sing songs you’re not that happy about singing, to see where your true boundaries are. You might surprise yourself.



What Kind of Skills Should I Work on to Become a Singer?

You need to have proper knowledge of the history of singing, and that means studying previous artists and what they did to become who they were now. You need to focus on training your voice and learning how to sing different styles of songs with a lot of different techniques. A great skill you also need to work on is your stage presence and how you interact with your audience. Of course, it goes without saying that you need to learn how to read a musical note, song charts and the basics of singing. One last thing you need to work on is your inner musical library. You need to learn about all kinds of songs and ways of singing in order to have this vast rich library you can pull from whenever you come to sing something new, especially if it’s an original.