Energy or spiritual healing for a more joyful, loving, and fruitful life is a relatively old concept that we are slowly but surely being introduced to in Egypt today. The idea that you can cure your body and mind from ailments by fixing any disturbances in your energy field is very interesting, which is why we are bringing you a brief introduction into the deep world of energy healing today.

Perhaps controversially, energy healing focuses on the fact that the body is NOT a machine. Each human being is a field of energy, consciousness, and intelligence, and is capable of amazing healing and renewal. Your physical body and health are based on your energy, not the other way around. The thought that all illness starts with disturbances in the energy field makes up the basic concept around energy healing.

The Human Energy Field

The Aura – This is the capsule of energy that surrounds and penetrates the physical body. It manifests from the general balance of energy your body produces, and is heavily dependent on the chakra system. Aura’s are also believed to exist for all living things.

Chakras – These are energy centers located within your energy field, from the base of your spine to the top of your head. There are seven primary chakras, along with several minor ones throughout. The primary chakras are all associated with their own distinct colors and are tied to physical aspects of the body and emotional and mental states of being. For example, a person who feels blocked from expressing themselves or their own voice may then experience problems in the throat or mouth, which is tied to the Vishudda (“throat” in Hindi) chakra.

Meridians and Nadis – These are non-physical pathways within your body through which energy flows. Think of them as your circulatory system for energy atoms. When your body experiences a physical or mental injury, blockages can occur in these energy pathways. A common technique used in healing imbalances of this nature is acupuncture, which is done to un-dam any blockages that have occurred.

The concept of energy fields within the body and how energy healing works lies in the belief that we are all made up of energy, and so is everything around us. Energy flows through everything and creates everything, which is why energy healers believe that all we’re exposed to will have a conscious or subconscious effect on our mental and physical health. It’s another way of expressing and treating psycho-somatic illnesses, and exploring the ways body and mind are connected to one another and to the rest of the universe. Energy healing allows your body to heal itself by releasing any blocks stored in your body’s energy fields that can form from trauma, false belief systems, physical distress, childhood programming, and emotional, mental or environmental stress factors.

There are numerous types of healing techniques and methods that deal with energy. They range from chakra healing and reiki, to acupuncture, shamanic healing and forms of massage like Chi Nei Tsang and reflexology. Different practices of energy healing target different symptoms that manifest physically and emotionally, and using multiple techniques can help you explore the many sides of a disease or imbalance you may be experiencing.

We’d like to hear what you think of using energy as a holistic healing approach to wellness. Have you had any positive or negative experiences with it?

Photocredit : @chakrazulucrystals