Spots and blemishes in some areas of your skin could be an indicator of deeper health problems. No, spots on your chin don’t necessarily mean you forget to scrub your chin well; it could actually be a sign of a hormonal imbalance. Face mapping is an Ancient Chinese practice based on the notion that all parts of the body are connected. So when there is a problem with one area of your body, it could manifest somewhere else, like your face. Facial issues such as uneven color, breakouts, lines and patchy skin on the face, could be symptoms of health issues affecting other parts of your body.

Below are 7 ancient beliefs that could explain breakouts and other skin problems:


Chin/Jaw Area

Indicative of: a hormonal imbalance and congestion in the colon
Hormonal imbalances appear around this area, especially during the menstrual cycle for women. Reducing stress, sleeping enough and regular exercise can help.


Indicative of: Digestion and bladder problems
Horizontal lines and breakouts could signal a problem in the bladder and digestion. Eat more fruits, more vegetables, and less processed junk food. Also drink more water.

Under-Eye Circles

Indicative of: Exhaustion
Dark under-eye circles and puffiness could be signs that you are not getting enough sleep, you are ingesting too much caffeine or are under too much stress.

Between Eyebrows

Indicative of: Liver problems
Lines, breakouts or flakiness in this area are linked to the liver, due to a high-fat diet, eating late or lactose intolerance.


Indicative of: Problems in the respiratory system (lungs)
Breakouts and lines on the cheeks could be due to high pollution, dirt and smoking. This area is linked to the lungs, so pay special attention to the quality of your breathing.


Indicative of: Heart problems
Breakouts in this area could indicate a problem with blood pressure. Adding avocado, flax seed, olive oil in your diet could help. Also limit coffee, cooking oil, cholesterol and spicy foods.


Indicative of: Kidney problems
Redness or heat in this area could be due to dehydration or excessive stress. Drinking more water and limiting salt and caffeine can help.