We love a good cup of coffee as much as the next person to boost our mood and productivity, but depending on the type of coffee you choose you could either be nourishing your body or feeding it extra sugar, calories, and artificial flavorings. Coffee has many benefits for our body, but sadly unnecessary additives to our usual cup can erase the benefits and cause it to be harmful instead. Find out more about the benefits of coffee here.

A plain brewed cup of coffee is guilt free; it contains virtually no calories. Dressing it up with extras is what will cause calories, fat, and sugar content to add up very quickly. These calories are usually termed ‘empty calories’ because they simply fill and nourish you like a meal or snack containing the same amount of calories will. For example:

1 tablespoon whipped cream: 50 calories
2 teaspoons sugar: 32 calories
1 cup whole milk: 150 calories

This table shows a comparison of some different coffee drinks from popular cafes and coffee shops.

Drink Calories (kcal) Fat (g) Sugar (g)
Costa™ Iced Cappuccino 150 4.4 23
Costa™ Mocha Latte 347 14 38
Costa™ Sticky Toffee Latte 443 18.7 59
Dunkin Donuts™ Caramel Latte 350 9 54
Dunkin Donuts™ Hazelnut Swirl Latte 340 9 52
Homemade Americano 2 0 0
Starbucks™ Cappuccino 136 6.8 9.4
Starbucks™ Chai Tea Latte 255 7 41
Starbucks™ Espresso 6 0 0
Starbucks™ Iced Caramel Macchiato 257 10 33
Starbucks™ White Chocolate Mocha 500 22 59

Our advice? Save store bought coffee for when you want a treat, and brew your own for your everyday pick me up!