Now that Ramadan is over many of us Cairenes plan on migrating to Sahel or some other beach destination for at least the weekends, if not longer. It’s important to not overindulge in convenience and fast foods while vacationing and since you will most likely be spending a good part of the day at the beach, taking healthy snacks for you to munch on is essential to keep you hydrated and satisfied.

Without a fully functional kitchen and your usual ingredients at home alongside the mixed up sleep schedule we all inevitably experience on holiday, it can be easy to lose sight of what you are putting into your body.

The most hydrating and low calorie snack options available while at the beach are simply fresh fruit or fresh fruit juice without any added sugar. Coconuts, frozen grapes, oranges, and watermelon are all easily accessible and will keep you cool on the inside as you tan and enjoy the sea and sun on the outside.

If you prefer something salty and yummy, air popped popcorn is your friend. Simply pop the corn in bulk and take a suitable portion with you each day to the beach. You can top it with your favorite spices and flavorings to suit your own taste buds best.

If you’re the type to get particularly hungry after a good swim, then unsalted nuts are a great option to fill you up and avoid any last minute pizza ordering (guilty).

If, however, your craving for pizza must be fed, we have a solution for that too. Choose your favorite healthy pizza recipe from here and take a couple of slices with you to the beach. They’re guaranteed to be a people pleasing option.

Craving ice cream? Frozen yogurt is a great alternative and can be made simply at home before you head on your weekend away. Try this recipe out or throw in any of your ideal fruit and take some with you in your ice chest to the beach.

In the end, making these simple and healthy swaps everyday will ultimately make a huge difference to how you feel and look all summer.