Going vegan does not come with a guarantee that you’ll suddenly drop kilos and miraculously become healthy. Fries and chips are vegan. So just like everything else, if you want to become a healthy vegan, you’ll need to work for it. The notion that being vegan will make you fat, or make you drop weight, is often misunderstood. Your weight won’t fluctuate if you suddenly turn vegan, but it will fluctuate if you decide to eat all fried and unhealthy foods when you turn vegan.


Veganism, or being a vegan, is a lifestyle based on the support of animal rights, not using any animal products and not eating any animal-based foods. Vegans don’t eat meat, dairy, eggs, or any animal-derived foods such as honey. However, many people who don’t have any moral or ethical qualms about consuming animal products or protein adopt a vegan lifestyle for other reasons, such as weight loss, healthier eating habits, etc.


People who follow a plant-based diet also avoid animal products, including meat, dairy, and eggs. A plant-based diet focuses on plant foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds. Plant-based usually refers to whole foods that are not processed. They don’t eat oil, white flour, refined sugar or any processed foods.

The following are example of some vegan snacks VS plant-based snacks. Lays chips are vegan, but having two bags of Lays for lunch, just because they’re vegan, will not make up for the excessive amount of salt, oil and chemicals it contains.

Plant-Based Snacks                                                                     Vegan Snacks



Photo credit : The Glowing Fridge                                                                                    Photo credit: PETA

Being a vegan is not based on the notion of becoming healthy but rather it is about embracing a certain philosophy and a certain lifestyle, whereas a plant-based diet is about including whole foods and leading a healthy lifestyle.

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