A contest for deciding who is the best mother is just like holding a contest in school for the best subject, you can never choose one over another since they are all important and fundamental for the cumulative knowledge and upbringing of anyone. I mean, some things can never be compared, in terms of their importance and effectiveness, I mean you have your mother to thank for your actual existence. And when we are talking about people, they can never ever be compared to each other based on their personalities or achievements or even compete to prove themselves. So imagine having a contest not only between something or someone that can not be compared to one another, you’re comparing MOMS! The holiest creatures of us all.


Every Mom Is the Best in Her Own Way

Some moms are tough lovers, some are sweet just like sugar, but does it mean that one way is better than the other? Every mom has a different background and story, every mom has her own way of pushing you forward, and the only certain thing is that she loves you unconditionally and would go the extra mile without you even asking. Every mom puts her children first, no matter what you may think of her way of showing it. I mean, the only person who would actually take a bullet for you is literally your mom.

Mom’s nature enforces them to become the best version of themselves once they ’ve had kids, which I personally find is one of the most beautiful of God creations. Every mom is a hero to her kids, I bet nobody could replace their moms with any other person no matter who this person may be, or how she’s seen by other people. After all, how could you say choose one person of a beautiful bunch of people who actually never eat the last piece of the cake no matter how hungry they are. Also, imagine how jealous you get if someone compared your best friend/partner to theirs? well, double or actually triple that when it comes to our moms.


How Do You Even Measure It?

I believe that every mom is the best mom, and there are absolutely no criteria to measure her performance. Mothers should never be judged that way, it is like we are intentionally downgrading them. A mother’s performance is concluded in her duty as a mother, which means that every woman should be rewarded for that. Also, it irritates me that some of the contests mainly choose the working moms, which truly underestimates the value of other women who may not be working but are indeed the heart and soul of their family and the reason you grew up to be who you are. I mean, how could we not consider the amount of effort all moms do, since they get pregnant till the last day of their lives is actually the most hectic kind of work anyone could do. The best part is, they are truly dedicated to it with no complaints, and there are no breaks or vacations.