To become a successful actor in this day and age you need to have a versatile set of skills that sets you apart from the rest. This is exactly what you’ll learn from Mariam El Khosht. She is a talented actress who worked in several mediums including voice acting, radio presenting.


How do you believe that working with different mediums has helped advance your career?

My dad always said that a great artist should embody all things art. For instance, if you are a director, you should dabble a little in producing, writing, acting, and cinematography. This way the director will do their job better because they somewhat know how all those working around them do their job which makes things easier for everyone involved.

How has voice acting fed into your acting roles?

I started out dubbing Disney cartoons when I was 10 years old and now it’s one of the main reasons I got job in a radio station. Because I’m familiar with a mic and I know how to use my voice. I also learned how to really articulate my words which made a huge difference in my career. When you have to act using solely your voice it teaches you a lot in your acting later on.

Do you recommend voice acting to those hoping to break it into acting?

Yes, definitely. I also recommend theatre as well. Learning through different mediums really enriches your acting and helps you on so many levels.

What was transitioning between these fields like for you?

Transitioning between these fields wasn’t as difficult as you’d think. After dubbing cartoons, I started doing Voice Over commercials and jingles. Actually, being a voice-over artist was sort of a step in the same direction as acting, that’s why I felt right at home when I went from one field to the other. They are all basically branches of the same tree so to speak.

What are the qualities/traits needed to work in different mediums?

Although most of these mediums are the same thing, the one quality that will help you no matter what is adaptability. Different mediums will always have things in common that will help you transition from one to another. However, they will always have very different rules, and for you to thrive in different mediums you need to be able to adapt to those rules and be flexible. You also need courage and confidence. Someone who specialist all their lives in a certain medium (acting for instance) could be really talented in another (voice acting) but doesn’t have enough confidence to try. You have to be brave to venture into new fields and discover what you are truly capable of.

What is one resource you wish you knew about when you were starting it (books/courses/videos/workshops)
for those hoping to get into radio how do you recommend they develop themselves for this medium.

Honestly, there is not one resource I feel I wasn’t exposed to from a young age. My parents did an insanely amazing job exposing me to all the different mediums I know work with and love. This could be why I love so many different things and am good at more than just one specialty. I remember my mother telling me that there was an important Arabic movie we needed to see on the television one night. It was a school night and she said that because it was airing late at night if I found myself too sleepy to wake up the next day for school she would understand and not make me go to school. This is how important it is for my parents that I grew up well rounded, with broadened horizons. My mother used to take me to numerous museums several times a month. I used to visit the Egyptian Museum at least twice a month.

For those hoping to get into radio, how do you recommend they develop themselves for this medium?

We live in a time where digital content is vital. Thanks to the internet, now you are able to start your own show on your own, either in Podcast form or even as Youtube form. You have to showcase yourself in one of these platforms, think of them as your portfolio. You don’t have to wait for a Radio or Television channel to pick you up. You can start and create your own content and this way the stations and channels you wish to work at will eventually see your work and ask you to come work with them. Let your work speak for itself.


Photographer:  Khaled Marzouk

MUA: Menna El Telt