How many times have you heard a woman complain that her husband or boyfriend doesn’t listen to what she says? How about men complaining that their wife or girlfriend never tells him what she wants exactly? All generalizations aside, we can all agree that the male and female brains are wired differently.

Men think in a focused, directional way but women are much better at connecting different areas of their brain together to communicate accordingly. Men think or focus on one subject at a time while most women are multi-taskers by nature. We’ve all seen or been the woman who talks on the phone, takes care of her child, handles work emails, and paints her fingernails all at the same time (which is pretty awesome if you ask us).

There is a scientific reason behind all of this. Male brains have been shown to have more connections within each side of the brain, while female brains have more connections between the two sides. This explains why women are better multi-taskers, and why they also expect men to gauge what lies between words, just like they can.

Think about these different thinking patterns and try to communicate with someone of the opposite sex, keeping in mind their natural way of thinking. This can help bridge the gap in communication that is often present between men and women across all sorts of relationships.

Without good communication there will never be complete understanding, and that is where the gap between men and women generally exists. We are genetically and neurologically programmed to be good or bad at different things, hence our thinking. But we’re all programmed to understand in some way, shape and form and that is most important.