Self-care, in general, is important for good health and self-esteem, as it contributes to building a solid ground for self-trust due to a better understanding of one’s “distinct communication language”.

General self-care, as well as caring for others, is one of the most intimate activities one can take part in.

The term “Self-Care” is of a broad spectrum of meaning, encompassing everything one should do to truly be good to themselves.

What Are the Benefits of Self-Care?

1. Increased Self-Knowledge

Increasing one’s knowledge of self, or in other words, learning to understand your personal “Distinct Communication Language”, requires spending more time doing what “You Truly Love” – or what we at least think we love (until otherwise is proven).

This is what it takes for us to honestly find out what genuinely inspires us and makes us more passionate about life in terms of understanding of self or in general.

To know what we are passionate about has a profound effect on shifting our lives to become even more agreeable, as once we have an idea about our preferences we can start to re-prioritize our long-abandoned hobbies and/or interests.


2. Improved Productivity

When we learn more about ourselves as mentioned in the previous paragraph, we reach a certain place of comfort within us, which makes us able to learn more about when to “refuse” anything that over-extends us and keep/build our boundaries accordingly. 

Boundaries are an important factor in making time for doing more of what we’re truly passionate about in life. 

By focusing on what genuinely matters most to us, we can slowly bring our dreams to fruition, as we start having clearer, and sharper goals.


3. Increased Self-Esteem

Reaching shows is one of the factors that build up to enhance our self-esteem. When we intentionally carve time to focus only on being good to ourselves, fulfilling our personal emotional and physical needs on a daily basis – we send positive messages to our subconscious.

Giving special attention to how we treat ourselves throughout the day, turning as much of the self-implied negativity into positivity, helps us make a significant improvement in tuning down the negative self-talk, thus, making us able to start treating ourselves like we matter and have intrinsic value.


4. Healthier Emotional Body 

Studies show that self-care and consistent positive self-talk have a direct correlation with activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS), meaning that our bodies get into a restful, rejuvenating mode, fortifying our immune system functions.


5. Healthier Physical Body 

There’s a saying that goes along the lines of  “ Your Body is the mirror of Your Mind”. When we attain a healthier emotional state by practicing self-care regularly, it makes us prone to fewer colds, flu, and upset stomachs.

Less Stress + Stronger Immune System = More Physical Ability and Inside Out Strength.


 6. Becoming More Generous

Being good to ourselves might very much seem like a selfish act.

In truth becoming more compassionate and patient with ourselves while giving ourselves the time needed to truly understand our individual “Communication Language”, and providing for ourselves generally has a direct reflection on our relationships with others. Just as the famous saying goes “ You cannot pour from an empty cup”.


So, as a start, you can refrain from telling yourself that “there is no time” or that “you are too busy and tired” to be doing self-care as these are the best cases to know you need to pay more attention to what you body needs.

Practicing self-care can be simpler than you think and you can surely do it without compromising your daily “To-Do List”.