If you’ve been following The Daily Crisp for a while, then you probably can tell we take our Yoga practice seriously (in and outside of the office). We don’t just do Yoga, we do it with purpose, and one of our favorite’s are yoga for the heart, aka Heartfulness Yoga (HFN).

Since the day of love is upon us, we have Yassine Sobh, RYT 200 Heartfulness and Meditation and Air Yoga instructor here to tell us a little bit about how and why your body needs this unique practice for a more peaceful and heart-felt existence.

You can actually practice heartfulness yoga with Yassine right here in Cairo this Valentine’s Day, on Thursday the 14th of February at Lotus Holistic Center. But first, let’s know more about what this wonderful practice entails.

Why the Heart?

The heart sends out purified blood to all parts of the body, and since blood is affected by our meditation as mentioned then what if your blood is charged with a meditative condition. The heart is where the person can feel intangible feelings rising within

One can live without a brain but not without a heart. The heart is the seat of the soul, and you are what you meditate upon. It can be only the heart and nothing else then.



What exactly is Heartfulness Yoga?

Heartfulness aims at contributing to world peace through individual peace and the HFN meditation method is the core of the practice. Heartfulness yoga integrates the body, mind, and soul in the true spirit of Ashtanga ( 8-limbs ) yoga as outlined by Patanjali and leads to the ultimate goal of yoga which is oneness through meditation.

Heartfulness yoga is a slow-paced yoga flow that allows the practitioner to observe and be aware of the effect of each asana ( physical posture) or pranayama ( breathing exercise ) has on their mind and body. Also to allow for comparison before, during and after the session.



How Does Heartfulness Yoga Affect Us on a Physical Level?

Heartfulness yoga works on various aspects. On the physical level, it keeps the body healthy, and flexible over time. It helps to preserve the spine in the most favorable condition possible as well as it gives great importance to the heart and its circulation. That’s because the yoga flow is designed in a way to calm down the blood pressure to facilitate the heartfulness meditation at the end of our practice.



How Does Heartfulness Yoga Affect Us on a Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Level?

On the mental level, we start by OM chanting as well as pranayamas ( breathing exercise ) to help clear the mind from all unnecessary thoughts. On the emotional level, it releases all the trapped / unwanted emotions that we stuck in different areas on our bodies. You could be holding these undesired emotions in the hips, shoulders or even lower back

On a spiritual level it brings the practitioner back to the sense of feeling and reconnects the person with his core (soul), so the person is shifted from the complexity of the mind to the simplicity of the heart. They’re shifted from thinking into feeling, from imbalance to balance, from darkness to light, from heaviness to lightness and from grossness to subtlety.



Who Can Practice Heartfulness Yoga and How?

It doesn’t require any previous experience to practice this wonderful yoga practice and it’s totally suitable for beginners.  During the class, everything is taken at ease without straining ourselves. Everything is done at the count of 6 (SIX breathes ) which is the most natural to us. That is done to allow the practitioner to shift their awareness around their body, mind and to look inwards/


There’s also no on hand ( physical ) adjustments from the instructor while practicing – only oral ( verbal ) adjustments. If you can’t do the posture, it is completely okay you can simply close your eyes and imagine yourself doing it perfectly ( using your will and thought power ). Also, during the practice, we smile as to let go and to give signals to the brain that leads to releasing of the happiness hormone in our bodies to course through our bloodstream.



What Is Heartfulness Mediation?

When we do heartfulness meditation, we focus on the source of light is grabbing our attention and attracting us inwardly. If we have any thoughts we treat them as if they are a cloud passing in the sky, without attaching our thoughts to them. This is the core of our practice.

This is a simple practice that is doable in our busy modern life there is a saying that states the more you are busy the more you need to unwind. The only thing needed is your willingness. This wonderful practice transforms us from the inside out so that we see the world is a new way, without the filters of our limitations. That is exactly what heartfulness offers.

This meditation is aimed at relaxation to help center ourselves. We meditate to catch inspiration from the heart and cleaning to remove all the impressions accumulated throughout the day. The unique feature of Heartfulness is Pranahuti (yogic transmission) that works as a catalyst to allow the meditator to dive deeper within.


How Can Someone Love Others When He/She Can’t Love Themselves?

Love is to be experienced from the heart not to be expressed from the throat. The heart center is known for its loving nature, acceptance, and openness. That is its nature that we tend to forget it due to our day to day ( busy ) lives. It helps to increase concentration, joy, distress, creativity, and so much more.