We all want nothing but the best for our kids, that involves choosing the best food for their nourishment, the best school for their education and even the best products for their skin. For nearly 125 years, when parents thought of the best shampoo for their kids, they thought of Johnson’s.

That’s because since Johnson’s started, it has been their mission to create the gentlest baby products in the world. Products that can be mild enough to be used on any child of any stage of their development. Now, however, they’ve transformed their brand to be even gentler on your child’s skin, choosing natural ingredients and making sure they’re even better than before.

You can find this transformation in how they’ve chosen 96% of their ingredients from natural origins. They’ve removed any dyes, sulfates from their products and they’ve been paraben-free since 2015. Now, Johnson’s promising to choose gentle when it comes to making products for your children and is urging you to do the same.


Johnson’s Promises to You

  • Never Stop Raising the Bar
  • Only Use Purposeful Ingredients
  • Be Open and Honest
  • Think Like a Parent First
  • Help Make the World a Gentler Place


Our favorite promise is how they only use purposeful ingredients. They’re always making sure that everything they add to their products gives you the best quality and the best results.


How Have Johnson’s Products Changed in 2019?

Their products haven’t just got a makeover from the outside, they’ve got one from the inside as well. Johnson knew how attached we are to the golden color of their shampoos and the purple hues of their moisture wash. So, while they made sure not to use any dyes in their newly transformed products they’ve kept the packing colors the same as the ones we know and love. So when you buy their shampoo, you’ll still find it in a golden package but the product itself is now clear and dye-free.

Now, Johnson’s products have over 96% natural ingredients that are of natural origin. That includes their washes, lotion, shampoos, and conditioners. The gentlest baby shampoo just got a whole lot gentler.


Natural Ingredients

Now Johnson’s products have over 96% ingredients of natural origin, but we all know that natural ingredients are not always the safest for babies in their natural form (due to the high levels of essential oils). So, Johnson’s have taken it upon them to ensure each ingredient goes through several of their evaluation steps in order:

  1. Remove impurities
  2. Improve touch and feel
  3. Reduce malodor or discoloration
  4. Enhance performance and safety



Johnson’s have truly exceeded our expectation when it comes to helping us the best, most gentle products for our children. That’s why when we think of home, we’ll think of Johnson’s. Because home is the place that’s always gentle with your heart, and Johnson’s truly has taken up its space in ours.