Lately, it has become more apparent and sensed than ever before whenever our moods decide to shift or get low. This sudden excessive self-awareness can certainly be attributed to the latest events that have been taking place around us and in the whole world.

Feeling stressed, anxious, drained and in need of an energy boost? Or maybe just feeling  ordinary and in need of some sort of creativity boost in life?!

There are, fortunately, many things under the sky we can do to reduce our stress levels and enhance our overall well-being, one of the many is Adult Coloring Therapy

Adult Coloring Therapy is considered to be one of the many art therapy methods which are based on using artistic outlets such as drawing, coloring, or even sculpting to help us enhance our mental health through creative expression, which can help us explore our emotions, develop our self-awareness, boost our self-esteem, and definitely learn to better cope with stress.

In this article I will be focusing more on the benefits of Coloring for Adults, since this is one of the methods that I have tried myself – the benefits I experienced are as follows:


It’s a Wonderful Brain Exercise 

Did you know that coloring requires using both brain hemispheres?

The right brain hemisphere, which is the creative artistic side, is used to choose the colors;  on the other hand we have the left brain hemisphere, which is the rational side in charge of fine motor skills and problem solving, which actually makes us do the activity.

This means that Coloring is a full brain workout – isn’t that AMAZING? 🙂 


Great Way to Flare Creativity

Coloring is an activity that aids with clearing the mind, giving us the space needed to better enhance our fine motor skills, and therefore supports us in fulfilling more creative endeavors.

This activity opens the door for becoming more daring through trying new coloring techniques, using unexpected colors next to each other, trying new materials as well as coloring outside the lines which yields a big chance for exercising and enhancing overall creativity.


Coloring Has Also Some Meditative Attributes, such as:


Coloring eases out The Amygdala, which is the center responsible for fear in the brain; this generates a state of quietness & emptiness in the mind from the daily running thoughts therefore creates a relaxed and utterly clear state of mind.


Mindfulness and Self-Awareness

Mindfulness is simply the act of being here in the present moment and focusing on what is happening now; this is a very powerful tool to bring happiness forward.

Coloring requires a great deal of focus, and without realizing it, it takes our total attention which is a great opportunity to develop the habit of being focused and totally present in the current moment as well as increasing our overall mindfulness.


Replaces Negative Thought With Positive Ones

The time and focus that coloring takes helps to shift our attention from negative thoughts and habits and redirects our focus into a more safe and relaxed ones.

Concentrating on an image while coloring helps the replacement of negative thoughts and images into more positive and  pleasant ones, this process can also cut the flow of the negative inner dialogue through the deep engagement in the activity.


Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Research has shown that coloring relaxes the brain and when we focus our thoughts on a simple activity, our brain relaxes. This brain relaxation creates a lower activity in The Amygdala which is also responsible for our fight & flight stress responses.

The act of constant repetition and concentrating on the details are able to take our attention away from worries & annoying thoughts.

Unlike what we might think, achieving well being and de-stressing does not take huge complex actions, but rather simple ones. Actions have the ability to take us from our daily stresses and anxiety. All we need is just to set the intention and take baby steps to change our stressful, hectic life patterns into more relaxed, positive ones.