You hear it every year and you’ve probably said it yourself, complaints about how Sahel is not what it used to be. So many of us claim they miss the serenity of Sahel and the old laid back atmosphere. However, with the constant new and trending places opening in Sahel each summer, it is clear that there is demand for everything Sahel compounds have to offer. We believe that different times call for change.

One example of how the scene in Sahel has evolved and how you can definitely spend your weekend peacefully while pleasing everyone in your group’s different tastes is what’s developed at HaciendaBay. Although it may be different than what we claim we’re traditionally used to, there’s no reason to complain when we actually enjoy these services that make our lives in the North Coast that much more enjoyable.www.DLightms.comBreaking a sweat at the start of your day will positively impact your weekend and mindset like nothing else. This year at HaciendaBay you have the choice between Befit’s arena and Boxfit. Once that is out of the way, the more exciting fun and good vibes can officially begin.www.DLightms.comIf you are looking to keep your kids busy this summer doing something they love and also want to help them improve their developmental skills, Sane is the place to take them. Usually located in Zamalek, Sane opened their Sahel location in Lake Yard to help keep you sane. Keep your kids busy from their selection of activities ranging from cooking, art, dance, and music workshops; and you will have time to do what you need while they’re being productive.www.DLightms.comAs for our favorite thing to do, which is to eat of course, there is a bite for everyone. A light lunch from KCAL for your health conscious friends, or a juicy burger and pizza from Mince or Ted’s or split a feteer from Shader, the countless choices are all crowd pleasers. And nothing screams good vibes for summer like a cold cone of ice cream by the beach, especially when it is Stavolta’s creamy gelato or icy fresh fruit sorbets. Grab a cone or cup of your favorite flavor and make endless memories with your friends and family.
stavolta lakeyard
If nightlife is what you are after, Six Degrees is the place to head after a day of sun and sea. Even if you have nothing to wear or want to make some last minute wardrobe changes, local Egyptian designers at HaciendaBay such as Amina K and Nada Akram, or concept stores like Pop-Up shop, Boho Gallery or The Dressing Room and a favorite Cairo staple 69 boutique. You can even complete your evening look at Chez Richard’s salon, the perfect place to put your hair and nails on fleek before you dance the night away. Prefer to stay in? The Pink Powder Room can help you look and feel fabulous while lounging with friends and family.

www.DLightms.comSummer is all about spending quality time with your loved ones, so even if the habits change keep in mind that the good company and memories remain for years on wards