The horrifying truth is, the animals we see jumping around and twirling in the circus aren’t trained by getting treats and hugs. They face abuse, beating, and intimidation to become “circus trained.”

This is actually how animals are trained to entertain you..

According to above video shared by PETA, baby cubs are chained in an upright position to stand on two feet, and any attempt to go back on all fours will cause them to choke or kill themselves. All so little kids and adults could awww and clap clap clap that a bear can stand on two feet.

After examining 10 circus-training facilities, the video shared by PETA shows evidence that to train circus animals, they are kept in small, dirty cages that cause the animals insane amounts of stress and distress. The amount of abuse and violence these poor souls endure everyday to perform the ‘picture perfect’ act you see when you pay money to go to a circus is simply inhumane.

What most of us don’t realize is how unnatural the acts these animals are forced to do are. Bears weren’t made to stand on both hands, lions don’t naturally jump through hoops and monkeys aren’t born with a natural ability to ride tricycles. So before you spend money to go watch another act at the circus, consider the amount of torture and violence the money you’re paying is actually going towards. It’s not just a ticket to an entertainment show, you’re paying for violence towards innocent animals.