Let’s just clarify one thing; losing weight for any purpose but your own health is a travesty and a crime against yourself. Your body is sacred, your mind is sacred, your heart is sacred, and your soul is sacred. Crash dieting for Sahel throws that previous sentence down the drain. Let’s clarify another thing; your existence is not about how desirable someone finds you. And one final thing; you define yourself in relation to yourself, not in relation to what another man or woman thinks/”likes”. If you want to lose weight out of self-love and care, then, of course, go ahead! But make sure not to fall into bad, self-destructive and painful habits.

While we are so busy reciting cliché/superficial quotes about self-love and body diversity, fall into the trap of ignoring how fat-phobia and set-by-others beauty standards are so engraved inside of us. We have so much unlearning to do and it is incredibly frustrating seeing people ignoring the effectiveness of their platforms and the power they have on their audiences, and mindlessly promoting improper diet culture and eating disorder associated habits. Please, do better!

Should we have a “Summer body” and a “Winter body”? It’s just one more proof of how messed up our society’s made us. You’re free to embrace your belly and cellulite in winter but by summer you just have to switch and be all #BeachBodyGoals! Knowing deep down that you’re losing weight so you can show your body off on the beach is.. um, what’s the word.. Humiliating? It’s a shame people have the audacity to promote for such an idea. This also makes the whole “losing weight for your own health” advice completely irrelevant and such a lame cover-up for the fact that we want to be perceived as “fit” only when our bodies would be exposed. However, when you’re snuggled up with some blankets or wearing 3 layers, it’s all about positivity and loving your body nonsense. For God’s sake let’s show some respect for our bodies; your body isn’t a sweatshirt you change with each season – even if everyone thinks it is and you shouldn’t!

We are so tired of having people compliment weight loss and criticizing weight gain without knowing anything about our lives. As teens, we get a ton of unwanted advice regarding how we look. And as women we have way more reasons to lose weight, right?

At the end of the day, your weight is just a number and no matter what anyone – or the media – says; numbers do not define you. With each passing day, you are brainwashed by this idea that you need to be skinny, blonde and blue-eyed to be noticed and called beautiful, but you should think far beyond this. Curvy is beautiful, big is beautiful, small is beautiful, dark is beautiful, light is beautiful, uneven is beautiful, disabled is beautiful.. Everyone is beautiful because we’re all different and nothing defines us except for what we choose to let it do. Our minds define us, not our scale weight. If you let your entire life be determined by numbers and scales, you’ll end up being one those who are programmed to starve and exercise with no brains or love for life. And where the hell would we be if our brains were being slowly molested by these disgusting beauty standards? Just look around and you’ll know.