Wedding season is in full swing, which also signifies a rise in engagements and couples looking to commit to a lifetime together as well. Whether you’re still daydreaming about how your celebration should look or you’ve already got your dress picked out, the advice from local wedding dress couture queen Yasmine Yeya on how to pick your best dress, successfully manage getting ready for the big day and what is sure to make you a beautiful bride is 100 percent worth taking.

What’s your process for a new client?
“A lot of clients come and they have no idea, so I guide them through the process. If they decide they’re going to do a dress with me at Maison Yeya, then they should just call and we’ll direct them from there. It’s much better if they call 5-6 months in advance, we’ll give them an appointment in about a month or so depending on their season, and we’ll take it from there.”

How would you recommend a bride prepares before she comes to you?
“The best for everyone is to take a look online or in shops to be able to draw a conclusion or find similarities of what they like and don’t like to give them a groundwork, but if this exercise doesn’t help we’ll have to do it here again.”

What should a bride bring to her first dress appointment?
“Whatever she wants. We’re experienced enough that if a client doesn’t know anything we start guiding her from that respect, to make a file and so on. Each client is different in their personality. Some are very decisive on what they want and the course is very different from a client who doesn’t know anything.”

How many people would you recommend a bride brings to her first appointment?
“Only one. Whoever she’s comfortable with. The brides who need people to be with them, they should bring someone they trust the most, given that this person will not change through the course of the fittings. If a bride is decisive and knows what she wants, probably she should bring her mother because it’s honorable. If she’s Egyptian, even if she doesn’t need her mother her mother should be here. It’s her mother’s dream before it’s even her dream.”

Do you have some tips to help brides be sure they’re making the choices they really want to make?
“This is a difficult question to tackle. In this society, if you’re not going to involve people they get offended. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to tell her not to involve someone because we don’t want this negativity in the process, creating different sides. That wouldn’t be good advice. It’s up to the bride, but they have to balance it between two things; not to upset anybody and be true to themselves. They have to be diplomatic. Offending your mom, mother in-law or the groom is not a way to start your life, and allowing them to guide you in a direction that’s not you is also not fair to you. Be diplomatic, take a deep breath, be patient and be smart. Don’t let anything affect you psychologically because this affects the whole process from being a nice process to the worst day of your life. I’ve seen this many times where brides are too stressed and they allow it to get to them. Everything is going to be done and beautiful, just relax and take a step back, but try to be diplomatic and clear. It’s a very fine line!”

What really captures the essence of making a beautiful bride?
“Beauty transcends. Every dress I make is a reflection of the bride. It has a bit of me and everybody can see a dress that’s made by me, but I would say it’s always 80 percent her. This is not only for the dresses, it’s everything. When we are angry we attract anger, when we’re upset we attract negativity and when we’re happy everything around us is happy. So, whatever you have inside is going to be a subliminal message to everyone who will see you.”

What are your best tips to avoid becoming a Bridezilla?
“When I look at a Bridezilla I see control. She is so stressed to make things a certain way. This is what makes a Bridezilla; how much she wants versus the reality of the situation. So, want less and go with the flow. Be sure that if you let yourself accept things that it will turn out beautiful in the end. It’s not ‘my way or the highway’. You can only do that by relaxing and accepting. The best thing is to have no expectation, but only good intentions.”

Yasmine also had a bit of extra advice for brides-to-be in regards to her own personal passion for nutrition and wellness when we discussed our Anti-Bridezilla Bridal Meal Plan: “The best diet to prevent auto immune disease caused by stress is to go off gluten, carbohydrates, sugar and consume less animal products. A probiotic diet with a plant base is the best”.

What are your best dress recommendations for different body types?
“If we’re talking international beauty standards, show whatever is glorious and which area you think is your asset. Usually, women are more confident when they get to show the best part of themselves. A good design is something that caters to that. What works for your best friend might not work for you, so have a good understanding of your body. I urge brides to listen to whatever designer she is working with. The problems happen when the client tries to dominate the designer and the designer takes a step back. When a designer insists on something I really urge the client to listen to them, they have more experience in dressing people. It’s just as much to my benefit as it is hers to have her in her best look. Trust your designer!”

Below is a guide of the different dress styles that complement different body shapes:

apple shaped curvy hourglass pear shaped petite ruler small chested