We have all seen pictures of the Egyptian sweetheart Yasmine Sabry in El Gouna Film Festival wearing that golden dress and the incredible shape she was in. In my previous article, I talked generally about the lifestyle she is leading and the hard work she puts in without getting into much details. I decided to write this article after I heard and read people speaking about her GENETICS, ignoring the effort she puts in daily. Today I will reveal another part of the secret which is her training routine for the last 4 weeks before the event.  This training program is not for everyone, it’s an advanced routine and it has a previous foundation phase which must be followed.


Foundation phase guideline:

The foundation phase guideline is based on the fundamental moves; squats, deadlifts, barbell row,  push-ups,  lunges, thrusters, chin-ups,  dips and core exercises.

This phase can last up to 4-6 weeks depending on the client’s fitness level, with Yasmine it was 4 weeks because she had already been training with me for the last 2 years and I know how her muscular system works so I designed the program accordingly.

Advanced Phase:

This is the second and more advanced phase. Don’t try this at home or at the gym without professional supervision. This is how her training is split:

  • Saturday:     Full body
  • Sunday:        Lower body-core
  • Monday:       Fasted cardio “swimming or rowing”
  • Tuesday:       Circuit training
  • Wednesday: Fasted cardio
  • Thursday:     Circuit training
  • Friday:          Rest day.

We always start with a warm-up of 10 minutes of light cardio and then dynamic stretches. This part is very important to avoid injuries. Yamine’a routine depends on keeping her heart rate elevated most of the time that’s why she does not take rest between sets. Instead, she rests after the round of exercises is over. The workout goes like this:

The workout goes like this:


Saturday: Full Body Workout

Round 1: assisted chin ups-push ups -body weight squats “3 sets followed by 2 minutes rest

Round 2: Sumo deadlift – chest flies -bodyweight lunges ” 3 sets followed by 2 minutes rest

Round 3: Thrusters – bicep curl – back lunges “3 sets followed by 2 minutes rest”

Round 4:  bent over lateral raise – Dumbbell kickbacks – jump squats “3 sets followed by 2 minutes rest.


Sunday: Lower body – Core “the usual warm up”

Exercise 1:- walking lunges superset with barbell squat 4 sets.

Exercise 2:- narrow stance leg press 3 sets.

Exercise 3:- cable stiff legged deadlift 4 sets.

Exercise 4:- back lunges into step up on the bench 3 sets.

Exercise 5:- lying leg curls superset with leg extensions 3 sets.

Exercise 6:- CORE CIRCUIT

Seated jack knifes – double crunches – toe touches – plank “with variations. All without rest for 4 rounds


Tuesday: Circuit one 
“Circuit is a group of exercises done without taking a rest”, 2 minutes rest between rounds, we do 3-4 rounds of those.


-Chest cable crossover

-barbell row “underhand grip”

-Walking lunges compound with lateral raises

-Kettlebell swing

-Assisted chin ups

-Body weight jump squat.


Thursday: Circuit 2

-Dumbbell row “2 arms”

-Close grip lat pulldown



-Dumbbell squats to bicep curl

-Close grip knee push ups

-Side Planks


As you can see, Yasmine had a very tough training program and it’s really not for beginners or intermediates. This is an advanced program that I customized just for her.

At the end I want to say that being a star takes a lot of work, she is not there in her young age by chance, she works super hard. It’s not genetics, it’s not luck, it’s by paying a daily effort ent. Put short-term goals and long-term ones and work to achieve them as if your life depends on it. In the upcoming article, I will be talking about her nutritional plan with an explanation to some of the theories in the market and how accurate they are,

Stay tuned!

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