We’re probably not the only ones who noticed superstar Yasmine Sabri’s incredible figure in her instagram posts. It’s obvious to see how dedicated she is to working out and staying in shape so we had to reach out to Ahmed Torky, the personal trainer she credits for her amazing physique.

Torky started out his life as an architect, but today he is a personal trainer who specializes in performance nutrition and physiotherapy consulting. Ahmed Torky, Fitness Manager at Gold’s Gym Elite San Stefano started his career 12 years ago during which he has helped numerous clients transform their bodies. Included among his client base are many world-class athletes as well as -A-list celebrities.

Among his clients is one Egyptian that has captured the hearts of many since her first appearance. Known for her physique and her hard work at the gym, Yasmine Sabri is one of Torky’s clients whom he works with on transforming her body. Torky is Yasmine Sabri’s personal trainer, and he lets us in on a few secrets on how he trains her…

Thank you @torky66 so much for coaching me all the way to India. I didn’t cheat I swear. You’re the best ?

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What does Yasmine Sabri’s workout routine look like?

I started working with Yasmine 18 months ago. She is one of the most hard working clients I have ever trained. She has a very strong work ethic, she’s dedicated, and she never gives up. Three times a week, Yasmine lifts weights “resistance training and free weights” and she does cardiovascular training three other times as well “rowing, running intervals “HIIT`S” and circuit training”.

Yasmine follows an intense plan; a combination of weight training, cardiovascular training, and a strict nutrition plan. People look at her and say she is just gifted or talented, but they do not know the effort she makes to stay in shape and that is why I believe she will keep rising. She works hard.

It’s good and challenging to have among your personal training clients an uprising star like @yasmine_sabri , You can’t teach hard work and dedication , I believe that you are gonna make it to the top and very soon, you have one of the strongest work ethics I have ever seen! Working hard through pain, and never giving up! And that’s why you will go all the way! Good luck champ in your next move????#fitness #fit #healthy #lean #eatclean #trainmean #beast #beastmode #fitforlife #ironguru #bodybuilding #gohardorgohome #gymrat #gymjunkie #gymfreak #fitlife #myhealthylife #absaremadeinthekitchen #weightlifting #bodybuildingproblems #bodybuilder #beastfromtheeast #torkyfitness #fitnesstrainer #personalcoach #thegymfirst #followme #tagsfortags #hatersgonnahate.

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Do you advise the people you train to follow a certain diet, or eat in a certain way?

First of all, I refuse to call it “diet”. It’s not a diet, it’s a nutrition plan followed by lifestyle modifications. Whatever you are following, there are certain foods you must stay away from no matter what; Fried food, soda, junk food of any kind and artificial sweeteners. A healthy nutrition plan should include all the nutrients; “protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates ” but with specific ratios according to the goal of each client and their condition. There is no such thing as a diet for everyone, and let me repeat it again “there is no such thing as a diet for everyone”. It must be customized according to the client’s measurements, goals, and timetable.


What advice do you have for people who want to be in good shape like Yasmine Sabri’s?

There is no secret, that’s my advice. No magic pill, no secret formula, and no “cure-all”drugs. Hard work and dedication are the answer. Please stop following uncertified/inexperienced trainers. Don’t do crash diets; “The one toast, one piece of fruit kind of diets.” If anything they will crash your health and you won’t feel good. Invest in yourself; invest time and build healthy eating habits.
If you are a female and your nutrition plan is less than 1500 calories don’t follow it, and if you are a male and your nutrition plan is less than 1800 calories don’t follow it. Again make sure that your trainer is qualified and has done some transformations to clients before. Not just someone who will make you breathe hard without any scientific approach.


Any last piece of advice…

I want to tell people that there is no short cut.  Do not fall trap for the Internet diet scams. Follow a plan that is customized for you according to your goal and condition. Stay away from unauthorized drugs and if you are willing to use any supplements make sure that your trainer/nutritionist knows what he/she is talking about.

I hope everyone achieves their goal and remember guys “it’s not a phase, it’s a lifestyle”.