If you’re a sports enthusiast and a shopaholic like us, then most probably your sports wardrobe takes quite a sizable chunk of your shopping budget.

With Nike’s t-shirts reaching EGP 1000 and maybe even more, it’s time to give them up and start looking for alternatives. Lucky for us, the search wasn’t that long or hard as we already have a number of local sportswear manufacturers here in Egypt. For a fraction of the price you can support local brands and have an up to date sports wardrobe. If you’re as obsessed with buying sportswear as we are, here’s a list of our own local brands that won’t put a dent in your wallet but keep your closets stocked with all the sportswear you need for all those sweaty gym sessions.


Gym Apparel

Designed and manufactured in Egypt, Gym Apparel was established in 2013. Their vision is “to grow alongside the Sports and Fitness society as it expands, providing the athletes with the premium quality brand they deserve.” Their designs are always up to date and they use the trendiest, high-quality fabrics to provide you comfort, style, and functionality for your workouts. Gym Apparel does not limit their production to just designing and selling their own wear, they also offer their supplies to the wider market, which includes; Sports Teams, Gyms, CrossFit Boxes, and such. (Prices: EGP 130, EGP 155)









Check out their collection here


Bel Balady

Bel Balady is a modish brand that redefines sports fashion with a touch of local identity. Their products are all Egyptian-inspired with words like “عاش” and “فورمة” printed on them or Egyptian-inspired designs. Their first collection only catered to women, but they have recently expanded and added men’s attire to their collection. (Prices: EGP 370, EGP 270)

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Check out their collection here


Kinetic Apparel

Kinetic apparel was founded in 2014 by two young men with a goal to provide high-quality sports wear to the Egyptian market. Their collection includes dri-fit t-shirts, which is a plus any athlete would definitely appreciate. (Prices: EGP 140, EGP 165)










Check out their collection here


H Apparel

H Apparel was founded in 2015. They use treated micro fibers to create t-shirts that will keep your body moist while working out or training. Their collection also offer compression short sleeve t-shirts that allow easy mobility. (Prices: EGP 145, EGP 165)

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Check out their collection here


Sprint Active Wear

Sprint Active wear use specialized fabric which is designed to absorb moisture, offer rapid dryness and durability, and is lightweight with a soft feel to it. Their products tend to have trendy customized designs on them. (Prices: EGP 120, EGP 90)

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Check out their collection here



PinkFit, with it’s all women’s line can be found at The Pink Powder Room located in 26 Shagaret El Dor st. Zamalek and at Mall of Arabia. Their collection includes leggings and an array of motivational tanks for working out. They make activewear for the everyday women.”We take it as a given that sports wear must perform and move, but we see it as a virtue that our clothing line also looks good and fits well.” (Prices: EGP 210, EGP 230)

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Check out their collection here



Monni-K is a sportswear brand for women that aims to design sports attire that is comfortable, durable and sexy at the same time. Their collection prices range from EGP 400 – EGP 800.

Check out their collection here


Sigma Fit Egypt 

Sigma, originally a tech company, is ownedby three engineers. Their first line of production, Sigma Fit is designed with fabric that has incredible incredible features, making it repel liquid, resist odor and stains. Making it the perfect material for your workout. (Prices: EGP 255, EGP 220)









Check out their collection here