Have you ever went inside a fitness store excited, looking for a brand new yoga mat that suits your new yoga program but ended up feeling clueless in front of the vast variety of yoga mat types and brands?

Your answer is most likely a yes since you ended up here reading this article. Well, you came to the right place.

Your ideal yoga mat goes a great deal beyond an attractive color or design that pleases your eyes. Your yoga mat should meet certain standards to ensure an injury-free and safe workout.

It should provide comfort for your body, and it should be easy to carry around and store. This sweet and short guide will help you choose the right yoga mat that will make your morning flow a little more delightful.



1. The Material of Your Yoga Mat

The material of your mat will usually dictate its life-time. The kind of materials you may find may confuse you a notch. Let’s say you aren’t that good in staying in your poses for a long time before you find yourself slipping, then your prime material is a basic sticky mat that will help you stay steady and balanced.

A more stretchy and rubbery material could be a perfect fit for you if you are an eco-friendly oriented person. 

This material is also very suitable for strenuous and heavy resistance yoga sessions. If you prefer taking your mat with you everywhere you travel and use it everywhere you go, whether it’s on the beach, streets, studios..etc, then a travel hemp yoga mat is your most convenient option on the list.


2. The Thickness of Your Yoga Mat

The thickness of your yoga mat is the most important component in determining the overall comfort of your mat. 

A very slim yoga mat may cause you knee injuries if you hit the mat with your knees too hard while settling into a cat and cow pose. On the alternative, a vastly thick mat may hinder your ground-to-body energy bond. 

The trick is finding a balance in the thickness when deciding on your mat, and keeping your storage space capacity in mind. Trying different depths and making an opinion will help you in making your decision.


3. The Texture of Your Yoga Mat

The texture of your yoga mat usually comes hand in hand with the material you originally chose. If you’re the sensitive kind then any bouncy surface will interrupt your built-up concentration during your savasana pose.

 If you are purchasing a Jute mat, expect a mat with a naturally bumpy exterior. If you are searching for a more mellow texture then a cotton-based mat is your way to go. To get to the bottom of it, a mat’s texture is solely based on personal preference and contentment. 


4. A Yoga Mat That Fits in Your Budget

The price range of your yoga mat is merely dependent on the category of mat you choose. Case in point, if you go for a plain sticky mat, the price will most likely kneel onto the low-price range category. The richer your mat is in terms of color and pattern, the more costly it will be.

A more eco-friendly mat, such as rubber or plastic elastomer mat; will tilt the scale onto the high-price range, since eco-friendly materials usually cost more to obtain and make use of. So, if you are aiming to leave a minimal carbon print, you should show up to the store with a slightly heavier wallet. 


5. A Mat Style That Matches Your Unique Personality

At this point, you have enough pieces to try and solve your yoga mat purchase puzzle. We’ve told you what you need to know in terms of material type, thickness, texture, and price, The last and most interesting component of this puzzle is the design of your mat. 

This step is completely up to you, start by thinking about what color you would like to see most while you’re bending down for your downward dog, and what patterns you would like to trace up with your legs while sliding up from your child pose. 


6. Where to Find Your Ultimate Mat?

In the last chunk of this article, we will introduce you to a few places and sites located in Egypt, where you can find and purchase your ultimate yoga mat. 

A bundle of their inspiring Instagrams and websites:


Conclusion: Now you can go into any fitness store knowing exactly what to look for!  Share this guide with your yoga buddies and tag us to show us your poses on your new yoga mats!