Now, more than ever, attention is being brought to organic, fresh, local produce. We’re depending more and more on local goods that are organic and chemical-free rather than looking to buy imported or regular goods. We’re definitely seeing a rise in the production of goods that are fresher, cleaner and healthier.

The main reasons people tend to switch to organic food is because they have more nutrients than non-organic food, they’re free of chemicals and taste much better and richer. If you’re looking to invest in yourself and your local farms, we’ve compiled a list of the farms around Egypt and what they each provide to the market. Getting your hands on organic produce isn’t as difficult as it may seem, most of these products are available in Gourmet, Seoudi Market, Sunny Supermarket, Metro, and NGS or you can order through their pages and they deliver right to your door!

Sara’s Organic Food

They sell a weekly basket that includes two lines of produce; Sara’s Organic food and Lara’s premium produce. Sara’s is organic and Lara’s is natural (pesticide & chemical free). The basket includes a seasonal mix of both organic and natural produce, depending on the season and what’s available.


Weekly basket prices:

Large: 571.4         Medium: 418.7          Small: 349.5

To get your hands on one of these freshly packed baskets, visit their website here, where you will also find a list of components of each basket.

Egyptian Hydrofarms

Egyptian Hydrofarms focus on growing pesticide-free lettuce and herbs. Using locally developed technology, Egyptian Hydrofarms grow their lettuce and herbs directly to give you the perfect amount of nutrients and the highest quality of food possible.


You can check their products here on their website and visit any Gourmet branch to buy them.

Bustan Aquaponics

Bustan Aquaponics grows healthy and fresh farm vegetables and fish with a focus on sustainability, clean energy and great taste. Their pesticide-free produce is locally grown and  developed using 90% less water than traditional farming ways.


They produce vegetables, herbs, antibiotic and hormone-free Nile Tilapia, hand-picked Manzanilla olive oil, and free-range Begawi chicken eggs.

You can find the full list of products here on their website and you can find Bustan products at products at Gourmet Egypt, Sunny Market, Ma7ali (Maadi), Offah (online and Sheikh Zayed), ElMarket (Maadi), and Nature’s Market (online and Zamalek).


Tabi3y supplies organic plants and herbs, as well as chicken, ducks, rabbits and goose. They also aim to provide the know-how planting your own organic plants at home.


You can find their products in gourmet, or order through their Facebook Page. Their price list is available here on their page.

Makar Farms

Makar farms is the place to find assortments of vegetables and herbs that are rarely found in Egypt. Whether you are looking for broccoli, thyme, tarragon, brussels sprouts, cherry tomatoes, asparagus or “uncommon” salad varieties, you can be sure to find them in our farms.


You can find their products ar Gourmet, Sunny, Seoudi and Metro supermarkets or you can shop Makar products online through Nature’s Market, Offah, or through their Facebook page

It’s time to invest in yourself and your local producers!