When eating healthy, it’s easy to forget that there are endless options besides the plain good old grilled chicken and steamed vegetables meal. The simplest way to spice up any regular meal is by adding flavor because whoever said eating healthy is boring just didn’t know what to eat!

Spices and condiments are every kitchen-lovers best friend when it comes to adding flavor to food. But, you have to watch out which condiments you add to your food because unfortunately not all condiments are created equally, some have excess preservatives, sodium, artificial ingredients, sugar and all the bad things that can easily mess up our healthy eating. As always, you should know what’s in your food to ensure you’re eating healthy, wholesome ingredients.

Here are some of the classic condiments, which ones you should keep & which ones to ditch!

Ketchup – Avoid

A healthy eater’s enemy. Ketchup is made out of huge amounts of sugars and artificial ingredients and should be avoided. Opt for a homemade ketchup, find the recipe in the link below.



Made out of chickpeas mainly, hummus can be used as a condiment or a food on its own. It’s high in protein and filled with many nutrients.


Mayonnaise – Avoid

Mayonnaise is high in refined and processed vegetable oil making it extremely high in the “bad” kind of fat. Find the recipe for homemade healthy mayo in the link below.


Raw Honey

Honey is one of the best options for using a sweetener, whether in salads or dressings or put directly on your food.



Mustard usually doesn’t contain sugar and is high in antioxidants. This can be your best friend when it comes to adding flavor to most foods like salads, chicken, vegetables,…


Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV can be used in salads, soups and in baking, making it a staple for any trying to maintain a healthy eating plan.


Barbecue Sauce – Avoid
Many of the barbecue brands load their sauce with sugar, sodium, and preservatives.



Yes! Made from roasted sesame seeds this is one condiment you should try to get fresh or easily-make at home.


Store-Bought Honey Mustard – Avoid

Most of the store-bought honey mustard has too many unnecessary added ingredients. Opt for Homemade honey mustard, that is quick to make and as delicious. Find the recipe in the link below.


Salad Dressings – Avoid

Avoid store-bought salad dressings; especially if they are labeled as “light”. It’s always best to opt for homemade dressings using healthier ingredients such as; olive oil, vinegar, apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper, honey, yogurt…


Store-Bought Pesto Sauce- Avoid

Avoid store-bought pesto sauce as it usually contains many added ingredients and preservatives that you won’t find in homemade pesto – which is actually easy to make! All you need is olive oil, basil, and garlic and you’ll have a much healthier pesto sauce.


Click here for home-made recipes for honey mustard, mayonnaise, ranch dressing, ketchup and pickle relish!