Did you know newborns are born with a language of their own!

It is the secret language of all babies that they arrive packed with, regardless of nationality or race. And of course, when you learn about that secret; you will be able to identify and address the basic needs of your baby, help them settle more easily, shorten the crying big time. Not to mention, you experience an increase in self-esteem and ability to care for your baby as well as feel less stressed as your infant becomes happier and more content most of the time. It’s some kind of magic that for sure every mommy wishes for during her early Motherhood experience!


What is this secret language?

This language consists of 5 words (cries) that have an expiry date, the 1st 3 months of age. If we are not responding right to that language, babies start losing it gradually until it disappears. So, try to recognize it and respond right to it as much as you can so as, to keep it going for as long as possible until your baby starts communicating in other ways.


What are those 5 Words/Cries?


1. Neh

In this word, you will hear very well the letter ‘N’ at the beginning of the cry sound and this means that the baby is hungry so, attempt to feed them right away. They will feed without giving you any hard time and also, you find yourself not wasting time trying to figure out if the reason for their crying is diaper change or the need to sleep.


2. Eh

This cry is short and you can hear the ‘E’ sound very clearly at its beginning and ‘H’ at its end. It’s very similar to the sound we adults do when we need to cough. This sound means that there is an air bubble trapped in their chest and they need to burp. Put your baby in a burping position and start burping until you happily hear the sound of that air bubble coming out along with the sound of your baby’s silence. They won’t be feeling irritated anymore!

3. Owh

When your baby cries with this sound you will see an oval shape forming on baby’s mouth and hear the letter ‘O’. This word means that your baby is tired and it might be the perfect time to start putting them in bed.


4. Heh

This word can be a little bit stretched in which you will hear the letter ‘H’ both at its beginning and ending. When your baby cries that word, it means they are uncomfortable with something and this is when you first check their diaper. If the diaper is clean, then you need to check if they are hot or cold or may be in an uncomfortable position.


5. Eaih

This is the sound you can hear if someone is constipated and trying to poop. When your baby cries that word, it means they have lower gas pain and unable to release those gases by themselves. It is also that same crying sound of Colic. When you hear your baby cry that sound, put them on their back and bring their legs from under the knees and bend them towards their tummy several times, then attempt to burp. This can help in either releasing those gases or air bubbles through burping. Also, trying all colic relievers can help at the time you hear that cry.


There you have it, now you have your personal guide to your baby’s secret language. Hopefully, this helps you communicate better with your baby and help you understand what they want, giving them relief and giving you peace of mind. If your baby is teething however and you don’t know what to do then you can head over to the articles all about what to expect when your baby is teething, and how to remedy the situation.