When I first watched Dr.Salah Rashed, one of the leading self development gurus in the Middle East, YouTube channel discussing the cosmic laws of the universe (the natural laws that govern the everyday happenings in one’s life), it all made sense. Why is it that some people lead successful lives with positive results while others live not so successful lives with dissatisfying end results? How fair is it to assume that some people are brought into this world to suffer while others are living a prosperous life due to fate? Dr. Salah’s commentary on the Law of Attraction was spiritually and mentally satisfying. And after searching through old Islamic texts, I found an identically aligned explanation in our culture further explaining the key to living successfully.

Humans are brought into this life with equal resources – there is enough out there for everyone to be satisfied. However, how these resources are brought into life is the mystery behind this law, the Law Of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is as true as any other law can be. The only difference is that many are unaware of it, as it exists whether you are aware of it or not.

The law dictates that what you think, accompanied with your emotions, is attracted into your life. It shapes what your experiences are and what they will be in the future. If you think of all that is missing in your life and feel miserable, it would be impossible for positive results to manifest and growth will come to a standstill. If you envision what is missing in your life, filling the void with a goal, attached with emotion and passion especially, your reality should begin to reflect that and growth will follow. Seeing good, will attract good, will lead to doing good and ultimately feeling good.

The key to attract the results you’ve always longed for in all aspects of your life is to always envision the ideal reality you wish to be part of. Not only envision it but be part of it in such a way that you start sensing positive feelings accompanying your imagination. Relating back to Islam, it is the kind of trust that you put in God knowing internally that He has and is enough for each individual – He is waiting for you to envision and put your trust in Him, knowing that the best is yet to come.

Therefore, to live a happy and fulfilling life, the key is thought then action. If you can’t get yourself to generate positive feelings by continuously focusing on what you want and having full trust, that with this Divine Law your desires are soon to be real, then you will be missing out a lot in life.