So, Egypt officially is in the “Round of 16” facing South Africa and we can feel the excitement pulsating in the air. We know it can be daunting to want to go see the game yourself. After all, its a huge stadium with way too many people and with Egyptian stadiums having a bad reputation, you might feel like it’s a dangerous feat.

However, we’re here to assure you that this time you’ll definitely want to be there for our team in person and you’ll love it so much you’ll be even coming back. This time the stadium is well organized, everything is a lot cleaner, tidier and well tended to.

To help you be as prepared as possible when you go we’ve accumulated a list of what you should bring, what you should leave at home and a few extra tips on how to have the best time!


Leave These at Home

Apparently, there are a few things security will take away from you if they find it on you. This, of course, being Egyptian security there has been a few encounters where some of these can slip by. However, we don’t like taking any chances if our items are going to confiscated for real. Better safe than sorry.


You’re Not Allowed to Get:

  1. Cables
  2. Chargers
  3. Portable Chargers
  4. Air pods
  5. Regular Headphones
  6. Perfume, other liquids than water
  7. Lighters
  8. Egyptian flag with a stick or handle attached to it ( they take the stick)
  9. Any makeup


You’re Allowed to Get:

  1. Water
  2. Mobile phone
  3. Money
  4. Solid food
  5. Sanitizer (even if it’s liquid)
  6. Sanitizing Wipes
  7. Tissue Paper


What We Recommend You Get?

We recommend you pack healthy snacks because you won’t find any healthy or even healthy-ish snacks there. Even the coffee served in Costa is not served with almond milk ( if there was such a thing as health-conscious world problems, this would be one). You’ll find Costa at the end of the stadium corridor.


What We Recommend You Wear?

Wear comfy shoes and pants because it’s really hot there and you’ll want to be wearing something that breathes. Also, try to wear a cap to protect yourself from the heat. We feel like we don’t have to say this at this point but don’t you dare forget your sunscreen. You may not be able to bring your sunscreen with you for reapplication so make sure you pack it on before you leave for the game. Our favorite bag to take with us is one that fits on our waist so we don’t have to worry about carrying it or placing it under our seat while we cheer on, but a back bag works just as well.


Pro Tip:

Don’t wait for half time to go to the bathroom because the lines will shock the pee right out of you. We know it’s inconvenient but try to go when the match is still on so you don’t have to wait forever. Also, this is when your tissues and wipes will save your butt (quite literally.)


Pro Tip 2.0:

As much as we want to bring our own reusable water bottle with us instead of buying plastic, there is a high chance it will be confiscated at the security gate. However, when buying water bottles, try to buy a big one to reduce plastic consumption and buy it right as you arrive there. Because, after sometime the places selling water runs out of cold water.

We recommend you arrive there as early as possible to score a great seat for you and your friends. Going anywhere between 2 and 5 pm will be fine. You can find Hardees, KFC, Pizza Hut and Costa Coffee there as food options, hence the urge to pack your own healthy snacks like dates or some fruit that won’t die from the heat. Don’t worry if you have to wait a long time before the match, there are a lot of fun activities and various mini-games that you can play to win giveaways from several brands there so you’ll find something to do.