Bangkok is by far one of the craziest, most fast-paced cities in the world. It also happens to be one of the most popular stops for groups and couples planning vacations that side of the world. Whether you are transiting to go to Phuket or passing through to an entirely different neighboring country, Bangkok is definitely a stop many attempt to make. Given its relative transit nature to most vacationers flocking to that side of the world, I’ve managed to condense the most crucial activities for you not to miss if you only have three days in Bangkok. From food to temples and shopping, you won’t miss out on a thing in the jam-packed itinerary.

Day 1:

Start your day early and beat the crowds to The Grand Palace at 9 a.m. The Grand Palace is one of the places you absolutely should not miss if you’re in Bangkok. It’s a massive complex packed with different temples and royal structures made with unfathomable attention to the smallest of details. The Grand Palace has been home to the Thai king since its construction in 1782. It houses some of Bangkok’s most well-known attractions such as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Be sure to avoid wearing sleeveless revealing attire, shorts, or skirts; Palace security is very strict on turning people away for not sticking to the appropriate attire.

The Grand Palace

After you’re done with touring the Grand Palace grounds at around 12 p.m. head out to The Temple of the Reclining Buddha on the river banks. This activity won’t take you too long and will give you the chance to experience Bangkok’s vibrant city center at Siam Square. Siam square is packed with a massive amount of activities, restaurants and bars and malls. There’s a skywalk that connects most malls in the area so you can easily move from one complex to another. Be sure to stop by MBK mall for great deals on souvenirs and clothes. If you still have the energy for it afterward, make sure to check out the ad-hoc night markets in the area especially the famous Neon market that’s a 10 minute walk away from Siam Centre.

Siam Square

Day 2:

You should aim to have one day in Bangkok on a weekend to catch the Chatuchak Weekend Market. This is a definite Bangkok highlight you should not miss. It will take up your entire day all the way till sunset so make sure to pack enough cash (most vendors don’t take credit cards) to splurge on clothes, accessories, food, and souvenirs. After you’re through with that long day of shopping, treat yourself to a relaxing evening at Asiatique waterfront. Take the boat around sunset there and enjoy a relaxing time of window shopping and delicious food options. Be sure to treat yourself to rejuvenating and incredibly affordable Thai massage to unwind. Especially after such a long day of walking and shopping.

Day 3:

Start your day with a trip to Wat Arun, a riverside Buddhist temple that will blow your mind with its incredible structure and finest details. After you’re through, head out to the Kim Thomson House museum to get a viewing of a fabulous art collection and incredible Thai silk collection. By the time you finish these two activities, head out to the Rot Fai Night Market (Opens at 5 pm) for some great food, bars, and shopping options. You can’t leave Bangkok without getting a taste of its crazy nightlife. So, head out to the famous Khao San Road for a nightlife experience you won’t forget.

Rot Fai Night Market