When charity and health come together, it definitely means something good is about to happen. 3ash and Waslet Kheir have given you another reason to lose weight, for good.

3ash is the first mobile application in Egypt that offers a complete health and fitness schedule guide. And Waslet Kheir, is a non-governmental charity organisation that aims at serving those who are in need of help to undergo serious operations like cochlear implant, heart and eye operations, and also providing artificial limbs to those in need.

Their campaign ‘Gone For Good’ is promoting losing weight for a good cause. Both are collaborating together in an effort to collect clothes donations from people who won’t need their old stuff again. Typically when people lose so much weight, they will forget about their old wardrobe. However, these clothes might be of good use to others who can’t afford to buy new ones.


In the upcoming week, they’ll be placing boxes at several fitness and workout places like; BeFit, Ignite, HIIT, My Fitness Egypt and AOS. And because these places have transformation challenges programs that last for several weeks, the boxes will be placed at the closing ceremonies of these transformation challenges.

The transformation challenges offered by such places help upcoming athletes follow a certain nutrition plan along with working out for a period of six weeks. The challenge is considered a motivational tool to encourage people trying to lose weight to develop a new healthy lifestyle. Participants can lose as much as 10 to 13 percent body fat during those six weeks.

The boxes provided by 3ash and Waslet Kheir, will be available from the 25th of November till the 25th of December, in an effort to collect as much clothes donations as possible.

Ahmed El Hadary, 3ash founder and CEO says that the campaign won’t just be limited to this, “The campaign will continue after our affiliates transformation challenge ends, so it won’t be for the athletes joining the challenge only.”

Boxes will remain at each of the mentioned places in order for others who just regularly workout at any of these locations, can also join the campaign and donate.

The campaign’s target is to distribute clothes to around 500 people living in Upper Egypt. Moreover, Waslet Kheir will be providing each person a blanket with the clothes distributed.

You’ll be able to donate those jeans that aren’t your size anymore, and any old t-shirts that look like your sister’s dress.

People joining the cause should post a before and after picture and mention #3ashofficial and #wasletkheir. Don’t forget to use the campaign’s hashtag #GoneForGood in the caption, because the photo with the highest number of likes will get a free one-month pass at one of the facilities mentioned!

It’s time to throw out your comfort jeans, you know which ones we’re talking about – they’ve been stacked in your closet just in case you put on that extra kilo or two – and let the weight be ‘Gone for Good’.