Hello Cairenes!

 So, let me start out by introducing myself. Im Zeinab Shafei, and I’m a 21-year-old plant-based self-proclaimed environmentalist mermaid.

I want to take you along my journey of pursuing a conscientious lifestyle.  This whole experience started back in 2016 when I made one of the biggest life-changing decisions: to start eating whole foods plant-based diet and start practicing a more conscientious lifestyle. It allowed me to learn about my body, the environment, the animals, and a whole lot more. I’m all about trying new things and building myself in the least detrimental way for my surroundings. So, Ill be sharing all I learned and all that I’m yet to learn with you weekly, through The Daily Crisp.

I have always been a pretty conscientious kid growing up. Reflecting over every single detail wasnt a foreign habit for me. I was constantly searching for the cause and effect behind every action I took. Naturally, when I learned about the impact of soda at the age of 13, I quit it. It was that simple. By 13, I wasnt gulping down perfectly branded sugared water anymore.  Slowly but surely, I started to lower my intake of junk food altogether until I was able to completely wean myself off of it.

At the age of 15, I had a pretty bad horseback riding injury that led me to reflect so much on my body and all it can handle. It made me appreciate every limb, bone, muscle, and organ so much more.  I started to look at my body more like a machine and to see food more like fuel. It was not just a source of happiness.

That same year, I started having frequent joint pains after my grandfathers passing. This got me to learn even more about my body.  Not only did the pain make me want to make a change. But, his passing made me more aware of the kind of impact our habits can have on our lives. Around that same time, I subscribed to “MindbBodyGreen”. I was reading their articles every morning on my way to school. And I was watching YouTubers share their journeys with food through vlogs, every night. All the while I was constantly altering and changing my eating habits. I started to gradually cut down on foods that seemed to harm me the most until I completely went vegan.

Going vegan was more than just a dietary change. It felt like I had taken a decision that was serving more than just my body. I felt like I had this new sense of awakening towards all the exploitation that goes on in the food and agriculture business. I wasnt going to be another consumer blinded by juicy steaks and chicken nuggets. Since I also regarded myself as someone who was passionate about conserving the environment, it didnt make sense to me to keep eating animals and their by-products day in and day out. I generally felt more aware of the concept of consumerism. I realized how blinded we are by marketing schemes and pretty ingenious branding.


Fast forward to now, at 21 wellness is a huge passion of mine. I’ve noticed how much I enjoy learning about everything from the power of the mind, to exercise, to emotional stability, to the impact we have on cultural and societal changes. Wellness has become the topic that interests me most because I have seen how much it can change someones life. I have seen how it has changed my own life. It’s pretty important to note that I’m not here to tell you what to do or to tell you how you should be living your life.

I’m simply here to share with you all I’ve learned and all I am yet to learn and to learn from you too. I want to show you that you can take charge of your every action and move into the direction you want to see yourself go. It’s all in your power, you just need to discipline yourself and keep learning. I can’t wait to hopefully be a part of your wellness journey and have you become a part of mine.


Yours truly,

The Conscious Cairene.